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Workplace Safety/Compensation


Workplace Safety and Insurance Act, 1997
Older statutes available for consultation in the library.

Workers’ Compensation Act [R.S.O. 1980, c. 539] as amended S.O. 1984, c.48 (Pre-1989)
Workers’ Compensation Act [R.S.O. 1980, c.539] (Pre-1985)
Use with caution: these older acts are provided as a convenience only. Users may need to update these statutes as required.


Operational Policy Manual (WSIB)
Older versions of OPM policies available in paper versions from the library.

Employer Classification Manual (WSIB)
Older versions of ECM policies available in paper from the library.

WSIAT Practice Directions
Older versions available in paper from the library.


All WSIAT decisions are available for free on the web. To search the full text of decisions, use the CanLII version.

WSIAT decisions are also available on Quicklaw (by subscription only).


Butterworths' Workers' Compensation in Ontario Service
Employers' Guide to Ontario Workplace Safety and Insurance
- both of these looseleaf services are available to consult in the library.

The Library has prepared an overview of the key studies (Royal Commissions, green papers, white papers, etc) which have influenced the development of Workers' Compensation law in the province. Call number references are to locations in the OWTL.

Medical Discussion Papers are commissioned by WSIAT to provide a balanced overview of the medical issues on a number of topics. These papers are also available in paper at the library.

Office of the Employer Adviser

Office of the Worker Adviser

Workers' Compensation Law: A Documentary History in Ontario is the OWTL's newest release. This guide provides a document-based overview of workers' compensation law and policy in Ontario, from origins and foundations to the major reforms which occurred over the last 40 years. To assist with your research needs, we have also included the OWTL catalogue record for all the historical documents we do have in our reference library.