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How to read OLRB file numbers   

Example of an OLRB file number: 1234-05-ES.

Explanation: This is the 1,234th application to the OLRB in fiscal year 2005-06 (April 1, 2005 to March 31, 2006) and it is an appeal under the Employment Standards Act.

Code Description
ES Employment Standards Act appeal
EP Environmental protection
FA First contract arbitration
FC First contract direction
G Construction industry grievance
HS Occupational Health and Safety Act appeal
JD Jurisdictional dispute
M Miscellaneous
OH Occupational Health and Safety Act reprisal
PE Pay Equity Act
PR Project agreement applications
PS Public Sector Labour Relations Transition Act
R Representation
RV Final offer vote
T Trusteeship
U Unfair labour practice complaints


September 9, 2009