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Labour Relations

The Ontario Labour Relations Board (OLRB) is responsible for oversight of the interactions of unionized employees with their employers. The Board also has jurisdiction in Occupational Health & Safety, Employment Standards, and a limited role under several other statutes. The section called "Does Your Concern Fall Under the Board" on the OLRB web site will help you decide if your issue/question should be brought to the Board.


Current Labour Relations Act
Current Employment Standards Act
Current Occupational Health & Safety Act

Older statutes available for consultation in the library

Policy and practice

Rules of procedure
Annotated Rules


CanLii database (from 2000-)

How to read Ontario Labour Relations Board file numbers

Other resources of note

Certificates authorize particular locals to bargain on behalf of employees with particular organizations are available at the library.

For recent certificates (2007-present) search the OLRB certificates database.
For older certificates, contact the Ontario Workplace Tribunals Library.

Collective agreements are not available from the library, but may be obtained by calling 416-326-1260.

O.L.R.B. Accredited Employers' Organizations - Accreditation Certificates is a list of all accreditations granted since 1971 by the Ontario Labour Relations Board to employers' organizations in the construction industry as authorized by section 134 of the Labour Relations Act, 1995 or predecessor legislation.

Provincial Bargaining Agency Designations designate employee and employer bargaining agencies in the construction industry in Ontario.

Reported arbitrator's decisions are available from the library. Unreported arbitrator's decisions may be obtained by calling 416-326-1260.