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A & A’s …Asked & Answered is a collection of answers to top research questions that are frequently requested at OWTLNEW

Q: Where can I find documents of the agencies served by the Ontario Workplace Tribunals Library (OWTL)?
A: We have created a pathfinder on the location of key documents on worker compensation, employment, labour and pay equity.

Q: I need an older version of a WSIB operational policy, do you have them?
A: Yes the library has paper copies of older WSIB policies.  For current polices go to WSIB Operational Policy Manual (OPM)

Q: I need an older version of the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act or Workers Compensation Act and I can’t find it online.  Do you have it?
A: Yes the library has both electronic and paper copies of older Acts.

Q: I am looking for WSIAT decisions that are similar to mine.  Can you help me find a few?
A: Yes we can search our WSIAT Decision Search using keywords to find similar cases.  We also offer telephone training and will instruct you how to use the Decision Search.  Our decisions are also available on CanLII and Quicklaw.



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