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I need a...

I need a... where can I get it?

specific OLRB decision. At OWTL:
Reported decisions in OLRB Reports 1944 to date hard copy.
Unreported decisions of last twelve months hard copy.
Unreported decisions of the last twenty years can be ordered from archives, takes a few days.

Butterworth's Canadian Labour Relations Boards Reports: selected cases from 1974 to date.

CCH's Canadian Labour Law Cases: selected cases from 1944 to date.

CanLII (www.canlii.org): January, 2000 to date.

OLRB website (www.olrb.gov.on.ca): January, 2005 to date a few selected "Decisions of Interest".
January, 2003 to date "Highlights" summaries of reported cases.

Quicklaw database OLRB: November, 1988 to date(summaries of reported decisions: 1959 to date).

OLRB decision by topic At OWTL:
Ontario Labour Relations Board Law & Practice by Sack, Mitchell & Price (Butterworths).

Annotated Labour Relations Act by Randazzo (Carswell)

OLRB Reports Annual Consolidated Indexes. 1971 to date.

OLRB Reports Index on microfiche, 1959-1993.


CanLII.org database search

Quicklaw OLRB database search
OLRB certificate At OWTL:
Pre-1962, various other documents to prove certification
1962-2006, hard copy
2007 to date OLRB Certificate database
specific OLRB accreditation certificate OWTL:
All on file, 1971 to date.

OLRB website: brief listing of them all, see www.olrb.gov.on.ca "Accredited Employers' Organizations".
specific trade union status certificate OWTL:
Can provide print-out from OLRB case management system showing trade union status.
Can order file from OLRB archives (as far back as twenty years) that should contain the actual status certificate.

On Quicklaw database OLRB, or in CanLII, search for union name and the phrase "applicant is a trade union" to see if there is a decision in which the OLRB grants trade union status (or at least re-affirms it).
Employment Standards Officer's Order Not a public document. Freedom of Information Act request could be made to MoL FOI Office: (416) 326-7786.
specific Employment Standards appeal ("ESC"s)      OWTL:
1970 to date hard copy

OWTL website: 1971 to 2002. www.owtlibrary.on.ca
CanLII: January 2000 to date (with OLRB decisions)
Quicklaw database OESD: 1990 to date
Employment Standards appeal by topic OWTL:
Employment Standards Handbook by Parry and Ryan (Canada Law Book).
Employment Standards Act 2000 by EPB (Carswell).
ESA Decisions Index on microfiche, 1970-1996.
Occupational Health & Safety Inspector's order Not a public document. FOI request could be made to MoL FOI Office: (416) 326-7786.
specific Occupational Health & Safety Act appeal of order OWTL:
1980 to date hard copy.

CanLII: Jan/2000 to date (with OLRB decisions)
Quicklaw database OOHS: some 1980-89, all 1990 to date.
OH&SA appeal by topic OWTL:
OH&SA Keyword Index and Summaries 1980-95.
Ontario Health and Safety Law by Keith (Canada Law Book). Chapter 10. "Appealing Ministry of Labour Orders."
Annotated Occupational Health and Safety Act by Arnott and Exner (Canada Law Book) section 61.

Quicklaw OOHS database search.
CanLII database search.
OH&SA prosecution (court judgment) OWTL:
Arnott & Exner's Annotated Occupational Health & Safety Act (Canada Law Book) has a table of many of these with CLB's order number. See the "Sentencing Charts" section.

Canadian Occupational Health & Safety Cases (Carswell) published from 1989-1993 includes some of these.

MoL website (www.labour.gov.on.ca): press releases on some of these going back two years gives summary of case and court information.

Quicklaw database ORP: includes some of these.
arbitration award  OWTL:
Labour Arbitration Cases (Canada Law Book) Vol. 1, 1948 to date.
Canadian Labour Arbitration Summaries (Canada Law Book) Vol. 51, 1998 to date.

Quicklaw global database ARB--contains a mix of reported and unreported awards from various jurisdictions and various date ranges.
CanLii from 2000 onwards.

Other sources:
There is a legal requirement to file all labour arbitration awards with the MoL and to make them available to "any person". (Reg. 684, section 4).
Therefore, contact Arbitration Services at the MoL: (416) 326-1300. 9th floor, 400 University Avenue. Current year plus one year are on site, approx. 15 years before that can be retrieved from storage.

Archives of Ontario: Julie Stabile (416) 327-1595 for 1970 to 1988.
Collective agreements OWTL:

Other sources:
There is a legal requirement to file all collective agreements with the MoL. (LRA 1995, section 90). Therefore contact Collective Agreements Library, 8th Floor, 400 University Avenue. (416) 326-1260
WSIB/WCB decision Not public documents, except for a few released from 1991-97 which are in the OWTL. A Freedom of Information request could be made to the WSIB.
WSIAT/WCAT decision OWTL and Electronic:
All WSIAT decisions available on the WSIAT website (www.wsiat.on.ca)
Quicklaw and CanLii will also carry a large number of WSIAT decisions.
WSIAT/WCAT decision by topic OWTL:
WCAT Reporter Consolidated Indexes.
Butterworth's Workplace Safety and Insurance Act by Dee, McCombie and Newhouse.

Database on WSIAT website: www.wsiat.on.ca.
Quicklaw database OWCA.
CanLII database coming in 2006.
OHRC decision Not usually public documents.  FOI request could be made to OHRC. Check court decisions for appeals of some OHRC decisions--all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada.
Pay Equity review officers' orders OWTL:
April, 1989 to date (all) summaries of orders.
These summaries are anonymized and are identified only by summary number and date.
PEHT decision OWTL:
reported: Pay Equity Reports, hard copy.
unreported: all, hard copy.

Quicklaw database OPED: April, 1989 to date.

PEHT website:

reported decisions April, 1989 to date and unreported decisions Sept/01 to date.
PEHT decisions by topic OWTL:
Pay Equity Reports subject index in each annual volume.
CCH's Ontario Workplace Equity Guide.
Ontario's Equity Laws by Elliott (Canada Law Book).

CanLii and Quicklaw have PEHT Decisions from 1989 onwards.
All PEHT's decisions from 2001-onwards are also posted on their website.

What is a "reported decision" as opposed to an "unreported decision"?

A reported decision is one that has been published in a case law reporting series. For example, if an OLRB decision is published in the OLRB Reports (or elsewhere, for example in the CLRBRs or CCH's Canadian Labour Law Reports) it is considered a reported decision. If the decision is not published in a law report it is considered an unreported decision. Reported decisions usually have summaries written for them and are assigned keyword indexing. Unreported decisions do not. Between 2 and 3 percent of OLRB decisions get reported.


March 27, 2013